Biloela Community Transport vehicles have their own names to show what they do…

Biloela Shuttle

This 12-seater minibus features the name “Shuttle” on top. This vehicle picks customers up around Biloela and drops them at local services. You can also book the Biloela Shuttle specifically as a maxi for special occasions.

Silver Service

If you’re looking for luxury transport, the Silver Service Camry is the vehicle for you. We call it the Silver Service and it’s a beautiful and accessible ride. It’s ideal for longer journeys to Rockhampton or Gladstone.
Biloela Community Transport vehicles are fully insured and clearly feature a Booked Hire License. You’ll find our logo on the front and back windows with important information including that you can book a ride with this vehicle, that the vehicle is maintained to the Queensland standard, and that the driver is safe to travel with. This license allows us to take fares. All fares are kept to a reasonable cost and help to pay drivers, maintain vehicles, and keep this essential service running. We also offer the following to the community and surrounds:

  • Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme
  • Transport Subsidy Scheme
  • Disable Persons Transport Services
  • Community Care Transport Services
  • Hospital Transport Services (Appointments Only – NOT FOR EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION USE)
  • Charity/Non-Profit events, functions etc.
  • School Service Runs
  • Passenger Transport Services

Thank you to all our return customers for your continued support.


Our current pricing is as follows.
You can pay via cash:

Around Town


Up to 4 adults one way or one drop off: $10
Maxi: 5 or more adults to one stop: $15

After Midnight

Up to 4 adults one way or one drop off: $15
Maxi: 5 or more adults to one stop: $20
Extra stops add $5 each, after midnight $10 each
Thangool or the Dam: $35 add $10 after midnight
Unknown distances: $2.17 per km

Shuttle Runs

Three runs to Teys, daily, at 4:40am, 5am, and 5:45am.
School runs, weekdays, between 8am-9am, and 3pm-4pm
Town runs: Sundays-Wednesdays: 6am-10pm; Thursdays: 6am-1am;
Fridays and Saturdays: 6am-3am;