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About Us

Trustworthy & professional community transport services

When Biloela found itself without a taxi service in 2018, we saw an open opportunity for a booked hire service. Biloela Community Transport was born, and we’ve been serving the community ever since. Meet the team and see what inspires them.
If you’re looking for that luxurious ride, we also offer a Silver Service Camry. It’s a beautiful vehicle that is easily accessible and ideal for longer journeys to Rockhampton or Gladstone.

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Biloela Community Transport services for the community

Biloela Community Transport provides a safe, courteous and caring transport service in Biloela and surrounding areas. Fares are reasonable and help to support drivers, maintain vehicles, and keep this essential service running. Where would you like to go? Let us know!

Biloela Community Transport Services

Biloela Community Transport services for the community

This 12-seater minibus features the name “Shuttle” on top. This vehicle picks customers up around Biloela and drops them at local services.

Silver Service

We call it the Silver Service and it’s a beautiful and accessible ride. It’s ideal for longer journeys to Rockhampton or Gladstone.

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Opening Hours:
We are a booked hire service, and our operating hours are currently:

THUR – WED 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
FRI & SAT: 6:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Please pre-book outside of these hours so we can guarantee your ride.

We’re also available 24 hours by appointment.

Call us:
Shuttle 0473 246 176
Office / other bookings:
0473 246 176
Our office is located in Biloela Qld 4715.